Why I Created This Website

This blog was created as a compilation of notes that I'm making while coding. Sometimes, I realized that I was repeating the same process of scouring the internet for pieces of a puzzle and making the same mistakes. Here, I hope to help myself in the future when I forget something while also assisting others too.

Who Am I?

I am a Fullstack web developer with experience in Javascript/Typescript, Python, and C#. My first job as a programmer was back in 2019 at an already well-consolidated educational platform startup. During the COVID isolation, I started working remotely for a large company in Prague, Czech Republic.

Nowadays, I'm working on a game that I plan to release on both PC and Smartphones. The game runs on the Unity Engine and is written in C#.

I also have a bachelor's degree in Architecture and Urban Planning and a Post-graduation as a Software Architect. I guess you can tell by this that I love working on projects overall.

During my bachelor's, I studied for 1 year in Groningen, Netherlands, at the University of Groningen, which helped me improve my English and gave me the opportunity to visit a few places in Europe.

Now I'm living back home in Brazil in a small apartment with my beloved cat called Lily.